A New Project—!!? (actually not)

I love the idea of Solomon’s 72 pillars.

When I came across Makai Ouji, I was so hyped. A borderline shounen-ai anime with beautiful characters, story and soundtrack——–.

Then years later, I stumbled upon Dance With The Devil and I got hyped again. I breezed through the series and it was everything I ever expected it to be. >__<

I was planning to work on this in the future but someone said they want to translate it. I did not want to hold them back and say I’ll translate it even though I barely have time for my own projects so I agreed. I already translated 2 chapters in the past when I first read Dance with the Devil then forgot about them later on (lol).

This happens a lot actually… I get hyped over a story, translate at most three chapters, then I get impatient and read ahead instead of translating. The next day, I’ll stumble again another story, forget the one I’ve been working on before and repeat the whole process.

It’s alright to read Dance With The Devil without reading the background info but it will certainly help.

Now this is extra info and if you’re an avid BL fan you should be familiar about seme and uke classifications: Uriel is designated as kichiku seme while Valafar is an oresama uke.

Anyway, what I want to say is, I’m only posting 2 chapters for this project and someone will continue from there. Enjoy~~~

tldr: I posted two chapters of a new story, Dance With The Devil but I won’t continue it because someone will takeover the translation.

Dance With The Devil – Chapter 1

Dance With The Devil – Chapter 2


3 thoughts on “A New Project—!!? (actually not)”

  1. Thank you very much Saekicchii~
    I will continue your project

    Hmm I think when I translate it, I must attach warning (from author and me) for ppl who didn’t like read ‘the world of devil-angel- God that have different and strange perspective’ (of course its about author world, not our world)

    Wow~ really good refrence, it help me understand the story and future chapter.
    Thank you again
    I will not disappointed you

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  2. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful novel. I just finished reading it. The story is different from what I have expected, but I do love it so much. Until 30% of the second book is so funny that I had to stop and laughing, and OMG I am falling hard for Michaelsama. Now I know that I am “M” lol


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